Financial Peace University

Take control of your money with Financial Peace University! During this nine-week course, you will learn:

  • Budgeting basics: take control of your money and make it behave!

  • How to dump debt: What would your life look like with no debt?

  • Invest for the future: Eliminate the stress of living paycheck to paycheck.

  • How to give like never before!


"Financial Peace University has changed our lives. Not just now, but forever." - Ruben and Katie Gutierrez

If you struggle with money, you are not alone. But you can experience Financial Peace! Check out this preview for more information, or sign up today.

Frequently Asked Questions about FPU

What is Financial Peace University (FPU)? 

FPU is a 9-week small group study that teaches budgeting basics, how to dump debt, how to invest for the future, and how to live, save, and give like never before!

Where can I learn more about FPU? 

You can watch an FPU preview here or talk to one of more than 1,000 people that have taken FPU at Christ Fellowship. You probably know someone who has completed the class! 

How do I sign up for FPU? 

You can let us know you are interested in FPU by signing up here. But you don't need to sign up to get started - just show up any time we have classes listed!

Where can I get a list of the dates and times for FPU? 

Our next round of FPU classes will be kicking off in the fall as our children go back to school. Stay tuned! 

Do we have FPU at each campus? 

Yes, we usually offer FPU at every campus at the beginning of the year and again in September. 

What is an FPU preview? 

One week before the first session of each FPU group, we usually show an 8-minute preview and answer questions about the class. Often, we have a Boot Camp with the preview. You can attend the first class without attending the preview.

How much does FPU cost? 

We don’t charge for FPU, but you do need to buy a membership kit. We have them on site for $100, which is a bit less than they cost directly from Dave Ramsey’s website. You can come to the first class for free without a kit; to come to more than one class you need to buy a membership kit. 

I can’t afford a kit. What do I do? 

Come to the preview and first class. We make A VERY SMALL NUMBER of kits available at a reduced price to those who are struggling. Talk to your coordinator about how to apply for a scholarship. 

How many FPU membership kits do I need for my family? 

One kit per family, or one per budget. If you have adult children at home who have their own budgets, they should buy their own kits if they wish to participate. 

We are an unmarried couple. Do we need to buy separate membership kits? 

Engaged couples with a wedding date within six months may share a kit; dating couples need to purchase kits individually. 

Does this mean my girlfriend will save $100 if I propose to her and we set a wedding date within six months? 

Yes. You can use the savings to buy nicer table centerpieces for the reception. 

Do we have FPU in Spanish? 

Our Spanish class is called Paz Financiera, and we offer it when we have groups that are interested. If you are interested, please email Ray Perez at

I missed the first class. Can I still attend? 

By all means! Jump in whenever you can! If you miss more than the first three classes, though, you might want to wait for the next group to start. 

I need individual help. What do I do? We will get you the help you need, but recommend everyone seeking to improve in the area of finance take our courses.