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There is something going on in everyone’s life. Sometimes that is confusing. We are all searching for it, but sometimes can’t find it. “What is God’s will” is one of the most asked questions a believer asks. How do I separate my voice from God’s voice?

God’s Will Part 1 - Salvation

Many question and wonder what’s God’s plan for their immediate decisions, but miss God’s plan for their eternal destiny. God’s will for your life is for you to be saved.

God’s Will Part 2 - Be Filled With Joy

Happiness is not a gift that you are born with. It is a skill that you can acquire.  God desires to put a joyful song in your heart.

God’s Will Part 3 - Think Like Christ

Our thoughts have a direct impact on our decisions, which in turn direct our lives. This is why it’s God’s will for us to think like Christ.

God’s Will Part 4 - 

Find Purpose in Your Trials

If God really loves us, why does He allow us to go through trials? This weekend, we’ll learn how God wants to use our trials and suffering to make us better, to make us more like Him. 

God’s Will Part 5 - Be The Light

Understanding your purpose helps you understand your current circumstances. God is calling you to be a light in all areas of life.

God’s Will Part 6 -

Do What You Want

God wants you to know and understand his will for your life. Obedience to God’s word helps us stay in the center of his will.

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